Leveraging expertise to be a valued resource to personal injury attorneys

Lien Negotiation Counsel (LNC) provides an effective healthcare lien management process and negotiation team to support personal injury attorneys, enabling them to best serve their clients and level the playing field with lien holders. LNC is a division of , a healthcare subrogation firm.

LNC's legal team brings a unique perspective to lien resolution. With two decades of experience, primarily serves third-party administrators and self-funded ERISA plans, but also carriers, HMOs, Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans, Stop Loss carriers, and Medicare/Medicaid.

The subrogation landscape continues to evolve, Plan expectations continue to increase, and more firms represent health plans than ever before. Subtle trends are also occurring—hospitals and physicians are asserting liens against settlements rather than submitting bills through health insurance. Lien resolution has turned into a sub-practice. Because the adversarial nature of the lien process has forced plaintiff attorneys to spend more time determining who has liens and negotiating with lien holders rather than focusing on resolving the underlying tort case, it has become more cost-effective to seek outside assistance to help in this process.

LNC is a valued resource for personal injury attorneys by helping minimize lien reimbursement to yield higher settlements for clients. LNC aims to define the new field of plaintiffs' lien resolution and to be the trusted resource that personal injury attorneys rely on to improve clients' end results.

What sets us apart?

As experts in the lien negotiation and healthcare subrogation industry, LNC is the only lien resolution firm that has focused exclusively on negotiating subrogation liens on behalf of health plan lien holders for two decades. We are leveraging this experience and developed expertise to benefit you and your injured client.

With our partnership, you gain:

  • Experienced guidance and advice: With two decades of experience representing health plans, we understand their perspectives, thought processes, and even their vulnerabilities, and we can leverage this knowledge to benefit you and your client.
  • A straightforward and effective lien management process: We require submission of only a one-page referral form. We are then responsible for communicating with lien holder(s), protecting your client's contractual relationships with the health plan, and obtaining a favorable lien settlement.
  • Valuable time: Our simple process and partnerships eliminate the time-consuming efforts of coordinating and negotiating health plan liens.
  • A trusted, reliable partner: Together, we work to improve clients’ end results.
  • Maximum savings for your clients: Our expertise and focus on minimizing the lien result in more settlement dollars for your client.

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